Sunday, April 7, 2013

So....What Have I Been Doing These Days?

Not a whole lot, which is frustrating.

Home Repairs: A failed attempt to renovate part of the kitchen and add new slate has only resulted in making a mess and leaving my stove in the middle of the floor with unfinished loose tile. Now it means I have to design new cabinets that will require moving the refrigerator to another part of the kitchen.....before I even get to the placement of the floor. GREAT!

Running: Virtually non existent. After laying off (okay well off and on) due to my Achilles, I have hardly ran this entire year of 2013.... Maybe less than 40 miles! I was doing that in a week last year. I have rested, stretched, massaged and after a long period tried running in Lubbock but only hurt it again. Last week I ran 4.5 miles and it was a little sore the next day but that was it. I recently had signed up for the shamrock 8K and the Dismal Swamp Stomp half marathon coming up in a week but it doesn't look like that will happen. GREAT!

Diet: I really wanted to go back on fully committed to this to drop a few more pounds. Just don't seem to have the support and encouragement needed this time. I cannot make myself be as committed. Maybe we will try again this week to get it going. GREAT!

Yard work: it is that time of year and I think I am going to hate it. It is a task by myself and every years have to start over on the mulch beds. I guess I get some rewards by all the pretty flowers and plants. However, I had a bunch of things I need to upgrade out there like rebuild the patio, finish the trellis, pour the concrete for the patio, move stone to create can I do that with the kitchen in a mess. Top it off, the four gas cans I had in the garage are now suddenly missing. GREAT!

Vacation: Hasn't happened, heading to burn out because of no time to chill. One day won't do it but I
cannot force myself to take any time off. Who else will do my work? Exactly! I was hoping for our 25th anniversary to head back down to Barbados, have the money...just no time. Maybe we can make more of the weekend cabin trips to Crabtree Falls this year....if we reserve in time. Again, how can I take off when I have a stove sitting in the middle of the floor? I need to pay to get that one finished! GREAT!

Artwork: Yes I want to do some but when? Painting, crafting, sketching, a whole bunch of cool yard graphics. Between the things I want to do and the things I NEED to know what always wins. GREAT!

Work: This is one thing that I have done a lot of WORK. IONIC has been swamped with work which means all hands on deck. Actually it means "more hands on deck"! Hiring is hard work and exhausting as well. Now who do I hire? A few more interviews and then I have to make a decision
quickly to give the others the much needed help. Now the thought comes up about having enough room in our office.....more space, renegotiate lease, more desks, more computers, more software, renovate office......GREAT!

I know I can only do one thing at a time but it sure would be awesome if I could clone myself for a few months so in could get all this work accomplished. Little by little I will get it done. Maybe today I will just mow the mulch beds yet. Maybe today I can measure out the kitchen and sketch out the cabinet design.....just sketch. Maybe today I can do something that will allow our home to be a bit of a peaceful paradise amidst all the chaos in our lives.......maybe GREAT!

Ok, now to work......thanks for listening to me ramble my friends. Enjoy this day because the next one will be here and gone before you know it.

Eugene Thompson
ET this I beleive