Tuesday, February 3, 2015

GOOFY Vacation: Day Five

Again I apologize for taking so long to catch up on my writings. Just seems that everything got so busy once we got home. I'll try to catch up up. My wife and I had a great time the day following the goofy challenge. We weren't sure I'd be able to walk easily the following day so we didn't prepare for any parks.

I woke up a little sore but not too bad. We decided to get a early start with a big breakfast downstairs. I was starving after sleeping forever. Guess I needed to rest a bit.....especially with walking up at O DARK THIRTY for the last few days. I had a great breakfast.....probably shouldn't have eaten so much but it just looked and tasted so good.

We quickly got ready and packed up the car so we could drive over to Animal Kingdom. An early arrival should get us in before too much of the crowds. We figured it was more of an attraction theme park to see the animals more than a ride park. We also wanted to scout out the park for our annual summer get together.....would the grand kids be able to enjoy? This was also a park that we hadn't visited yet......probably the only one we hadn't.

This was a pretty cool tree. Animals everywhere created within the trunk, branches a roots. We went to a show underneath the tree.

Monkey island. I could live here! Saw these guys swinging around when I ran thru the park the day before.

What if you jumped in this area? They seem pretty calm.....I bet they would be moving then.

Giraffe right outside our car.

A bit blurry but these trees are great

Hippo swimming by the huge tank......look at all the fish!

Just my lovely wife and me. It's fun hanging out together on our adventures. We do fun things. Who says we're getting old.

She has packed her bags and moving out! She can't take anymore craziness!

Later that day we got to the airport and flew home. No drama, no issues, nothing special. Just ready to get back to our home.....best place to be.....better than Disney.......sorry Walt, fantasies only can last so long.

This concludes the series on Goofy Vacation. Be sure to check back to hear about the newest adventures of GOOFY and GOOFIER.......IM SURE THERE WILL BE MORE!

Nothing wrong with being a little a GOOFY my friends, we are too serious way too often.
ET This I Believe

Monday, February 2, 2015



I appreciate everyone's support of RUN EUGENE RUN. I appreciate all of my friends that have given. It really means a lot to me. I share and talk with others about the cause and effects of diabetes. Someone you know probably deals with diabetes....even if they don't know it yet! It sneaks up on you. Did you know Russell Wilson (of the Seahawks) lost his father to the effects of diabetes a few years ago. Please share my link with others and always look back here for updates and news regarding my success. Always success......never failures.

Race updates that I just finished.
DISNEY 1/2 MARATHON 2:47 read the story....1/2 MARATHON
ROCK N ROLL NEW ORLEANS 5:42......still have to write that one. :(

2015 RACE SCHEDULE UPDATED again as of 2/2/2015

10 January   Disney 1/2 Marathon - Orlando Florida SIGNED UP
11 January   Disney Marathon - Orlando Florida SIGNED UP
25 January   Rock n Roll Marathon - New Orleans LA SIGNED UP
15 March     Newport News One Marathon - Newport News VA SIGNED UP
21 March     Shamrock 8K - VA Beach VA SIGNED UP
22 March     Shamrock Marathon - VA Beach VA SIGNED UP
11 April        Swamp Stomp 1/2 Marathon - Chesapeake VA
12 April        Rock n Roll Marathon - Raleigh NC SIGNED UP
18 April        Flying Pirate 5K - OBX NC SIGNED UP
19 April        Flying Pirate 1/2 Marathon - OBX NC SIGNED UP
25 April        Rock n Roll Marathon - Nashville TN SIGNED UP
3 May           Kalamazoo Marathon - Kalamazoo MI
31 May         Rock n Roll Marathon - San Diego CA (under consideration)
6 Sept           Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon - VA Beach VA
3 Oct            Wineglass 5K - Corning NY
4 Oct            Wineglass Marathon - Corning NY
18 Oct          Rock n Roll Marathon - Denver CO
31 Oct          Wicked 10K - VA Beach VA
1 Nov           NYC Marathon - (entering the lottery)
7 Nov           Rock n Roll Marathon - Savannah GA SIGNED UP
14 Nov         Anthem Marathon - Richmond VA
6 Dec           Rock n Roll Maration - San Antonio TX

If anyone knows any races that I should consider please send the information and link to me. Thanks again for all the encouragement!

Eugene Thompson
RUN EUGENE RUN gofund.me/idg4vk

ET This I Believe