Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mackinac Island Adventure - Day One (part one)

So I have wanted to visit Mackinac Island forever. My wife wasn't as familiar with this destination but I knew she would love it. Visiting the island and staying at Grand Hotel is one of my bucket list items. Unlike many of our trips this was meant to be a real vacation........err well mostly. I still get other stuff in too no matter where I go. I just cannot help's in my nature.

I was aware of Mackinac Island ever since the 80's when the movie "Somewhere In Time" came out with Christopher Reeve. Nearly the entire movie was filmed on site. In the movie the hotel hadn't been renovated so it didn't capture by attention....especially as a teenager. It was more of the science fiction aspect of time travel that really had enticed me. It was until much later when I found out about the island itself and the characteristics of Grand Hotel itself that made me want to visit.

So the initial reason to travel to Michigan was to first see our niece graduate from the University of Michigan. Second, for my wife to see her sister, they hadn't visited for a long time. That was a real need for her......and yes, we might as well take a few days to hit a bucket list item......oh yeah, and another marathon!

So to start off the trip we had made all the arrangements. The trip was to start off with several days on the island ( the only time we could really incorporate), graduation and family time....and then wrap up with a marathon. I was beginning to worry about the Hotel. As I dug into the reservations I began to find out more of Grand Hotel history and how everything worked. The first hurdle was that they officially did not open until May 1......and we intended on being there a few days before. They literally do not open! I'll share more later but we were able to register as they take only a few before hand.....we made the cut!

The next hurdle was all the scheduling. It was a mess! Here is the run down of what we had to do to make this VACATION work:
Fly to Detroit
Take a puddle jumper to Pelgram which is closer to Mackinac Island
Rent a car to drive to Ferry (the only way to the island)
Put the car in storage at Ferry station (no cars allowed on island)
Stay on island
Take Ferry back
Drive to Ann Arbor for graduation
Find a motel room open......yeah right
After graduation drive to Kalamazoo for Marathon
Run marathon
Drive to Detriot to fly home.

I'm tired just thinking about all of that again. The flight was pretty normal, nothing special or dramatic. That is always a good thing. Often times I have something to share about my flight but not so much this time. Arrived in Detriot early and then caught a little puddle jumper to Pelgram. Yep it was a puddle jumper! Straight forward flight here as well.

When we got to Pelgram we knew we were in the boondocks. If you don't know what boondocks are then if you look it up in the dictionary it will list the city of Pelgram next to it. We got out of the plane and walked down the steps across the Tarmac to the building terminal. A small building with a feeling of woodsiness about it. We grabbed our bags from the smallest baggage claim in the world and headed over to the car rental......there were three of them......really!?

So my philosophy of renting a car is that you almost always pick the economy version....unless of course there is a special need or you have more than two people expected to travel in the car. Inevitably the car rental won't have that type and up grade you. It happens to me nearly every time. They always ask to upgrade the insurance and I already have enough insurance to cover me on my trips. This time the nice gentleman asked if we wanted to upgrade because we had a Spark. He asked me if I knew what a Spark was and of course I said I did because I didn't want to give away that I had no clue or did I want to pay for any kind of upgrade. Well shortly after I found out what a Spark is only half a car. Only one small bag fit in the trunk and the other in the back sit.

We hustle down to the Ferry where we will store the car during our stay on the island (remember no cars allowed). There isn't a lot of time because the ferry's schedule this early in the season is sparse. We really don't want to wait too long and miss spending time in and around the hotel. The spot on the map where we take the ferry looks like it exists primarily just because of the ferry. It looks like a really neat tourist area but again not much time to waste. We saw a hot dog building that was out of this world. Maybe IONIC could design their expansion plans.

We get everything set and jumped on board the ferry as it made its way through the ice bergs......yes really! The water is so cold that large chucks of ice hasn't broken up yet and the boat has to go very carefully as it departs from the pier. We sit on top out in the open.....note to self don't do this on the way's freezing cold. We can see everything as we make our way across the sound towards the island....our home for the next several days.

to be continued

Thursday, July 9, 2015

It's More Than Just Diabetes

I found this list online while I was reading an article about diabetes. It didn't really give a whole lot of information about of the OTHER issues that come up because of diabetes but it did at least mention them. So many people think that diabetes is just because you eat too many sweets.....NOT! That dialog is for another post. At least this will give you an idea of WHATELSE can be added to your plate if you suffer from diabetes. You'll be surprised on the last one.....I added it because the list didn't even include it.
21.  Fatigue
Fatigue is one of the worst symptoms of diabetes. 
20.  Frequent Urination
To deal with high blood sugar levels, your body will attempt to use your kidneys to flush out the extra sugar, this causes a person to drink a lot more water. 
19.  Lack of Sleep
A side effect of frequent urination is that it interrupts sleep patterns. 
18.  Dry Mouth
As your kidney uses more water, it can also cause dry mouth. 
17.  Vision Changes
Another side effect of high blood sugar, is that fluid will be pulled from all parts of your body. 
16.  Sudden Weight Loss
Because diabetics can't produce enough insulin to process the carbohydrates in their blood stream, their bodies will turn to fat and protein energy. 
15.  Increased Appetite
Not being able to process carbohydrates for energy, your muscles and organs will often become starved. This will trigger intense hunger. 
14.  Fruity Breath Odor
When ketosis occurs chemicals known as ketones will be created. 
13.  Nausea
A build up of ketones from ketosis will make some people feel nauseous and sick. 
12.  Ketones in Urine
Ketones is not only exhaled through the breath, but is also urinated out. 
11.  Difficult Breathing
When your body goes into ketosis because of diabetes, a condition can occur called Kussmaul breathing due to diabetic ketoacidosis. 
10.  Tingling in Hands and Feet
Though, not completely clear why, diabetes and high blood sugar will cause damage to nerves and interfere with nerve signals. 
9.  Foot Sores and Ulcers
Tingling in your hands and feet can be extremely dangerous in diabetics. 
8.  Slow Healing Sores
Because of poor blood circulation any sore will take much longer to heal. 
7.  High Blood Pressure
Another consequence of diabetic damage to blood vessels is high blood pressure. 
6.  Fainting
Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to dehydration and damaged blood vessels.
5.  Frequent Infections
Diabetes can slow down your bodies ability to fight off infections. 
4.  Gum Disease
Also, because of poor blood circulation, dry mouth, infections, and nerve damage, people with unmanaged diabetes are much more susceptible to gum disease and loss of teeth. 
3.  Headaches
Low and high blood sugar will cause headaches. 
2.  PCOS
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is a syndrome that affects women and their menstruation cycle. It is also the most common cause of female infertility. 
1.  Fat and Fat Distribution
You do not have to be overweight to get diabetes. Slim celebrities like Tom Hanks and Halle Berry both developed Type 2 diabetes.
0.  Depression
Certainly not a zero! It didn't even make the list but I've added it. Blood sugar rollercoaster puts diabetics on that same ride. If you are down more than likely you will fall short and eat or drink something that you probably shouldn't.

Many doctors do not even consider that this is an issue......I added as zero....GROUND ZERO! Your emotions can help you overcome much of these trials and if you are struggling emotionally well then you'll struggle with everything else if your not careful.

Let me know if I've missed to hear from my followers.
Remember my friends.....we are here to support one another. Let me know how I can possibly help.
Eugene Thompson 
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Sunday, July 5, 2015

YMCA Independence Day 5K

Sometimes the little local races are the best runs. We see people,we know and they are small enough that you don't get overwhelmed by crowds. This one is nice because we can support local as well. That is always important. I didn't plan on running a PR today but rather just running along with my wife and encouraging her. She is making a lot of progress on her goal to run her first marathon in November. Supporting her encourages me.

Another thing about these smaller races is the number of people that are just starting running. While 5k is a breeze for me, for some people it is immensely difficult. I was there once too. These folks encourage me watching them overcome their struggles and conquer this race. I love to cheer on the finishers.

If you have a chance this summer, sign up for a little local race. It is really heartwarming and encouraging to others from your community. If you are one of the ones that are just starting out, sign up and run it, walk whatever you can to finish it. You will get overwhelming support from others to help you finish. If you don't know where to look for one.....write me....I'll find one for you.

Have a great day my friends and I hope you have enjoyed our Independence Day.

Eugene Thompson
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Walk a little. Run a little. Fight a lot!
Bringing awareness about diabetes

Thursday, July 2, 2015

2015 Race Status Update

Here is an update of all the races for 2015. I'm still trying to find and fit one more marathon in. If anyone has any ideas, please please let me know.....Thanks and if you can please follow my blog. I am really hoping we can get this to explode and I can get more followers and wouldn't it be great if I had Sponsors!!!!!

Race updates that I finished.
DISNEY 1/2 MARATHON 2:47 read the story....1/2 MARATHON
SHAMROCK MARATHON 5:09:47 PR read the story....FULL MARATHON
FLYING PIRATE 1/2 MARATHON 3:12:57 read the story....1/2 MARATHON
KALAMAZOO MARATHON 6:01:55 haven't wrote this one yet
2015 RACE SCHEDULE UPDATED again as of 6/29/2015

10 January   Disney 1/2 Marathon - Orlando Florida SIGNED UP
11 January   Disney Marathon - Orlando Florida SIGNED UP
25 January   Rock n Roll Marathon - New Orleans LA SIGNED UP
15 March     Newport News One Marathon - Newport News VA SIGNED UP
21 March     Shamrock 8K - VA Beach VA SIGNED UP
22 March     Shamrock Marathon - VA Beach VA SIGNED UP
11 April        Swamp Stomp 1/2 Marathon - Chesapeake VA
12 April        Rock n Roll Marathon - Raleigh NC SIGNED UP
18 April        Flying Pirate 5K - OBX NC SIGNED UP
19 April        Flying Pirate 1/2 Marathon - OBX NC SIGNED UP
25 April        Rock n Roll Marathon - Nashville TN SIGNED UP
3 May           Kalamazoo Marathon - Kalamazoo MI SIGNED UP
31 May         Rock n Roll Marathon - San Diego CA (under consideration)
6 Sept           Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon - VA Beach VA SIGNED UP
3 Oct            Wineglass 5K - Corning NY SIGNED UP
4 Oct            Wineglass Marathon - Corning NY SIGNED UP
18 Oct          Rock n Roll Marathon - Denver CO SIGNED UP
31 Oct          Wicked 10K - VA Beach VA
1 Nov           NYC Marathon - (entered the lottery but didn't make it)
7 Nov           Rock n Roll Marathon - Savannah GA SIGNED UP
22 Nov         Philadelphia Marathon - Philly PA SIGNED UP
14 Nov         Anthem Marathon - Richmond VA SIGNED UP
6 Dec           Rock n Roll Maration - San Antonio TX SIGNED UP

If anyone knows any races that I should consider please send the information and link to me. Thanks again for all the encouragement! I'm two short from completing 14 total

Eugene Thompson

ET This I Believe

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Push the RESET Button

So we find ourselves at the half way point in have you done on your goals? Yeah, me too.....not as good as I hoped. That honey-do list.....I don't want to talk about it. But that's okay, don't get all stressed out about what you didn't get accomplished. It won't do you any good. Just hit the reset button and get back out there and start again.

So many things I wanted to better at than I have. If I really worry about it I can get all worked up about wasting the last afternoon, the last week, the entire month of June......or WOW! What have I done all year?! I am really depressing myself. STOP IT!

I enact the power of the RESET BUTTON. I vow to start over and give myself the opportunity to succeed with the burden of what I didn't accomplish as baggage. That regret will weigh you down and never give you the opportunity to get a fresh start. It will steal today's JOY.

Today's a brand new day my friends......your future is before you.

I'll celebrate with you at the finish line. Have an awesome day.

ET This I Believe
Eugene Thompson

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