Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shamrock Race 2011

Pre-race picture while waiting for it all to start
Yes, Again I know...late posting.  This should catch me up now.  My wife and I ran the 8K portion of the Shamrock race a few weeks ago. She was very much prepared as she has been running near the distance or more.  ME? not close to being prepared but wasn't going to back out. I really needed something to get me running again.

I started off pretty well with huge crowd that takes off every time.

I had used my iPhone last time with an app to help track my time and pace. It had told me every half mile what my pace was.  I thought that was a little spaced out too far so I (thought) adjusted it to tell me every quarter mile. Well once I start across the start line and hit the button, it ran through the time, my pace, how far off my pace I was...and then immediately said it again....and again....again....and again.  The music wasn't going to be able to come on due to the constant chatter.  So I turned it off.  I will have to fix that next time before the race!

Well I was pretty wiped out. There were a few times I had to do some brief walking but for the most part I ran. It was fun like always and of course, we love to run...sort of. We hope to take vacations and run wherever we visit. A fun healthy habit for a change. We have plans for several Disney runs coming up.


et's this i believe said...

Just as a side note: ON March 14th I ran the 8K down at the beach around a 16 min mile weighing 233 pounds. Just now ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill running 11:30 min mile weighing 220 pounds....13 pounds less. And my blodd sugar is at normal levels with nearly 1/4 of the insulin that I was taking...yeah!

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