Thursday, August 30, 2012

Running and Life

I used to say that my running was a lot like my life....I was running but going no where...on the treadmill that is! Maybe now I have bumped that thought up a notch.....Now my life is running in circles....I go out and run and end up right where I started!

Here is a thought, maybe I should go do a Forest Gump and just start off from one end of the country until I get to the other side......question is...when I leave my neighborhood...should I turn left or right?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Waking up early whether a habit or forced is for the early birds can have all those worms!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I believe I shared this before about how often and how vivid my dreams are. Not to mention how crazy they are. I wrote about one back a few years ago in a post called Master of a Dream. Maybe everyone dreams crazy too but mine just seam out of this world. It is pretty common for me to have more than one vivid dream a night. However I don't always remember them all in the morning. This doesn't happen every so often...... It happens every night. I just don't choose to wake up a write about very many of them. I would never get any sleep. However, if published I might become a rich famous author. Just think about it. 47 years of dreams. That is a lot of goofy stuff.

I have this book of dreams that I keep next to my bed (nicknamed "Dream Catcher") and there are times when I have a dozzie so I write them down quickly.  Could be first thing in the morning or it could be in the middle of the night.  I know that I have to write them down pretty quickly as the details start to fade away pretty fast.

Last night was no exception.  I remember two of the dreams. The first seemed pretty ordinary as I was trying to solve a business/engineering issue at the office. I was running through all the options and problems that were available. This is what I seem to do everyday in my "real" life. Work and Problem Solve.

The second one is why I write today.  It involves some time travel.  The dreams begins in the current time and place with me doing all the things I normally do.....nothing strange here except for that never happens in my dreams....and then I was time traveling back to college back at Oklahoma State (I presume) and was going to college as a science engineer of some sort. Ok so time travel....maybe not so weird in my doing science....absolutely abnormal!

I don't really recall how I was going back and forth other than I was spending one day back in time and the next in present day.  That way I wouldn't get too far behind in either life.....go figure even in a dream I have to figure out all of life's problems. I was working on some sort of experiment that I feel (starting to fade) was biological in nature. Science back then didn't have all the necessary answers to solve the problem. So when I went back to present time, I would gather the information and use it to take back helping solve the equations that would ultimately save the world.

The difficulties I faced in the dream? I couldn't let anyone know that I was time traveling. And I tried to stay consistent going back each day to and fro.  If I didn't meet in a certain place or wasn't alone, then I was stuck there in the past for another day......the worries? What would be happening in my life back in the present day? Yes....just weird.  There was much more detail but I cant remember it right now.

I guess the odd part of this is the fact that it falls back on my very nature for everything I do.  Problem solving. I feel that I have to solve whatever worries or else I will just worry.  This alone is tiresome. Problems, tasks, duties, responsibilities, requirements, life...all of the the things that keep us running in place.....even in my dreams! What I want to know is why not dream about beautiful beaches and wonderful sunsets? Heck....why not just move to Barbados, live in a shack on the beach and I can only worry about gathering enough fruit for breakfast and catching enough fish for dinner? Oh yea, if you think I am skinny now......I don't fish very well!

Dream a little Dream my friends and enjoy your life and in slumberland!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Ok, it must certainly be a sign of old age when you decide that 8 PM is your bedtime! Or how about waking up before 6AM on a consistent basis.....without an alarm clock? If that is the sign then I am staring at it in the face. Once I am home from work, do a few house chores maybe even mow part of the lawn....part of the lawn.....why would you do more than part? dinner and then check out what is on television. Ok, nothing is on television worth while but maybe 15 minutes of news to find out that the world has gone to heck in a handbasket. ( I have never quite understood how something can be in a handbasket and that be a bad thing...go figure)

It doesn't take long after the recorded shows pop on....usually episodes of Law and Order or maybe some other detective show (now I know why my dad used to watch all those shows like Streets of San is an old man thing) anyway.....once it starts playing it isn't long before I start falling asleep. It must be got to be kidding me! Before long I give up and hit the bed.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock....Yep you guessed it.....morning around 5:52 AM! Time to get up and get your cup of coffee, read the newspaper Internet news, blog a bit, facebook a bit (yes I am a facebook geek) and then maybe go for a run.  What happens on those evenings where I might stay awake until the whopping late time of 11PM (it doesn't happen often) you got it.....awake by 6AM...ALWAYS!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What is Good on TV These Days?

Good Question! It doesn't seem like much from my stand point. For the last several years we have used our DVR to record and watch 90% of the shows we care about. We do that because I refuse to schedule my life around the television.  I don't care about watching it "live".  I can wait until I have time.  Most of the shows are on later and honestly half the time I fall asleep early.

This year I have had to constantly change the recording portion because many of our "new" favorites were not renewed.  That is a bummer! Just finally getting into the characters and the episodes and whammy! Oh well.  Others that have been a favorite ran their course and wrapped up their last episodes this year. That figures!

But right now, what is on TV? 80% of what I have to watch is some political commercial. Honestly, do you think I believe one thing either of them are saying on these "half truth infomercials"? Not, grow up and stop throwing around names and blames like kids in the school yard. Cannot wait until November is finally over so we can get rid of them. Bad part is you even get those same commercials on the Internet.....there is no escape!

How about the Olympics? I have never been a huge fan but it is certainly fun to watch and cheer on our country. However, these days there are more "twitter" type reports on the athletes than gold counts. How rude is it of the media to call out families that are filing for bankruptcy? Do I care about their personal business? It should be private. That is one side than the other side is what all the athletes are saying about one another or because they didn't win the gold how they act. Blah Blah Blah. Please don't take the fun out of it!

Maybe I should just read a good book.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Running Etc.

Let me first start off saying that I a no running expert.  Probably far from it.  I have never truly enjoyed running even as a kid. Sure all kids run around but it wasn't like I decided to set off and just run somewhere. Running was faster to get to my final destination than walking.  Same holds true for me today.  Doctors have been telling me that I need to get out and walk.  I always respond telling them that walking is boring and it takes too long to get there.  Where? Anywhere...just takes too long!

A few years back my wife and I started running...let me define "RUNNING" running I mean know the slow trot.....okay....for me the SLOW TROT.  When I think of running I more often think of the all out sprint like we watch these days in the Olympics. Or maybe even the heavy duty chase or get away from the bogey man under your bed.  Okay I haven't had the opportunity for the bogey man to run after me (Thank goodness)...but you get the idea.  For when I mention running from now on, there you have it.

Any way, we started running and really found it somewhat enjoyable.  The enjoyable part was the weight loss the general healthier feeling we were having.  We even worked up to running a half marathon down at Disney in Florida. That was in January of 2008.  Yeah, I know, quite some time ago.  After that run I thought I could reward myself with a week off......that last four years as been the longest week!

Well flash forward to today.  I haven't really been much into the exercise but if you have read some of my posts on facebook or here in the blog you will know that I am a diabetic. My father passed away over 25 years ago from the effects of the disease at the age of 52. My health wasn't getting any better at the age of 46.  My disease kept getting more dependant on medicines that really didn't cure the issue.  So finally I had enough and took it on...finally. In march of this year, I set out to lose some weight and begin the physically healthy routine of....running. Since then I have lost over 40 pounds. In march we ran an 8K charity race.  I weighed 236 pounds and ran it in a 16 min/mile pace.  Today I am running under a 10 minute pace and am consistently around 196.

So, posted here for everyone to read and HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE are my running goals for the next 3 years. Yesterday in a workout I ran 5 miles.  I can do that pretty easily now.  My goal is to get back in shape for a half marathon in January 2013. One year later, to run a full marathon down at Disney by 2014. The Disney half is typically ran on a Saturday and the medal you get is a Donald Duck medal.  The full marathon is the following Sunday and you receive a Mickey Mouse medal. So .....January of 2015 I want to run both! Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and if you get a Goofy medal.  Yep...I am certainly goofy! All before the age of 50!

Why am I doing this? First and foremost it is for my health and for my family.  They deserve for me to get fit and stay healthy.  I don't want to leave them early like my father unfortunately did. Secondly, I want to be able to raise money for those working on a cure for diabetes.  I am not asking for money right now, but please stay in tune to my blog as I will be counting on your support.  Not only your support but your encouragement to continue on this race. Please do me a favor and leave of note at the bottom of this blog. It will encourage me and hoefully others that may read. I will continue to update my progress during this journey.

I want to write some more....but unfortunately I need to RUN.....literally! Have a great day my friends!

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