Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Next Step for RUN EUGENE RUN

What is next for my plans with Run Eugene Run? Well the very next step is for EUGENE (that's me) to get some additional training. Yes, 23 marathons isn't really enough. I feel I've hit a plateau and can't make it beyond my time, my distance and my physical strength. I need help.

What is great about being being vulnerable. Being open and honest about where I am. Right now I'm still struggling with my long term goals in health. I need to be better. In order to get better I need motivation. I need accountability. I need a trainer.....a coach.

A few months ago my wife and I both joined forces with Unify Health and Fitness Studio to get to the next level in our health goals. Health goals cover physical and mental. I really believe that if you are physically helps a massive amount in your mental health. Diabetes has a history of depression tagging along and always makes me dip from time to time. So I'm going to work on my muscles.....including the brain muscle.

After a trial Saturday work out the first week and my first regular workout the following Monday......I was sore. Abs, triceps and hamstrings......That nice Personal trainer Michelle was brutal on me. Not really, she was very supportive. Basically I suck. I know I suck.....that's why I'm there.

My goals are the following:
1. Loose a few more pounds....10 at most.
2. Loose the spar tire.
3. Strengthen my upper body.
4. Build my cardio to sustain after 18 mile mark.
5. Look good......always and of course.
6. Feel even better.....without a doubt.

Wish me luck my friends. I will share my journey along the way. Unify owners Brian and Melissa are interested in helping us build up Run Eugene Run as well. We are pulling together a great team to fight against diabetes.


Until then my friends....have a fun run!

Eugene Thompson
Run Eugene Run

Friday, April 15, 2016

Marathon #23 was BRUTAL

Could I have done something different? Probably....what? I don't know. I had shared my concerns in my previous post about my worries with this upcoming race. It was every bit the brutal challenge I thought it would be. Brutal might be an overstatement but I certainly wasn't as prepared as I hoped. Can you ever be prepared if you are running multiple marathons like I've been doing? Maybe.....maybe if you're an elite athlete.....which I'm certainly not. I'm just a guy that participates in marathons. Not really sure I can call what I do running.

The race had its hurdles for me:
1. First time by myself
2. Faster cut off time
3. Hills of Raleigh

I handled the "by myself" piece okay. Gathered my things up and put everything in order as I always do the evening before a race. It was just lonely without my wife there to encourage and support me. I was in Raleigh on business so it began as a long weekend. Friday drive down and meetings until late. Saturday I rested, did the expo and package pick-up and then the better part of the rest of the day working in the hotel room. Yeah, I know.....kind of boring. Sunday the race and then drove back after to Richmond.....but I'm jumping ahead. I'll get to that soon enough.

The Rock n Roll Marathon reduced the finish time to 5:30.....which shouldn't be too much of an issue. I've finished three previous marathons this year and two of them were faster than that. But those course were flat too. This one had hills......that was going to be my issue. I certainly didn't want to get picked up!

The hills......oh the hills. I know what the course is like from last year. My knees hurt after then as well. I mapped out a plan of how to best concur the hills and stay fresh until the end of the race.....if possible. The entire course is rolling hills that take their toll on you but there are 8 hills that I considered brutal and I figured I'd let them win...... I'd plan to walk up those and give my body and knees a rest.......that was the plan.

Ok everything in place for the race. Had to pack everything up and take it to the car first because I know I won't be finishing and able to walk back to the hotel before the extended check out. My normal banter with everything and everyone. Nice but lonely walk down to the start of the race from the hotel. Just missing one key ingredient from my wife. I did get a test from her. That will work.

Started the race with pretty normal plan in place. Don't push it at first. Running around the downtown area there are some hills there too. Many people are already walking up the them. I maintain my plan. These aren't the bigger ones I need to worry about. I'll be good until about 5.5 miles before the first one I'll need to walk up.

First fear point came at my mile marker 11 right after running through a local campus. I passed (loop back) the sweepers at mile marker 10! Only a mile behind! That seems too close! I picked up my pace just a little but stuck with the plan.

Chatted with a few people along the way. Because of my routine and the hills I would pass many and then they would pass me. Mostly I'd pull away from them after several times of this back and forth game. One guy told me that he heard that a van would most certainly pick you up but that they would drop off closer to the finish line so the runners could still run across. I still think I'm on mark to finish pretty close to the right time. Knees are beginning to hurt and there are 2 or 3 more hills to wrap up.

And then it happened....the sweepers caught me with less than three miles to finish. The first time ever.....humbling.....upset.....unsettling.....out of my hands. Luckily they didn't pick me up. They saw I was making good progress and still running albeit slowly at this point. However behind me they apparently pick most all the people up. Some gave up....others were dumped off right in front of me towards the end of the Rae so they could finish in their own.....that meant I had to quickly pass them too.....again....great!

Not a great time....5:47:13, but at least I finished on my own two feet.....sore feet but I finished. 

I will have a break for a bit now before the next big race. It will be important for me to shift my training so I can get better. I need help so I'll seek a personal trainer to assist. Until then......have a fun run my friends and enjoy your day.

Eugene Thompson

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nervous about Marathon 23

"It's just another marathon." I tell myself. "Ive done this before....22 times!"

All mind games inside trying to convince myself that this marathon is no different than any other. But it's not. The things I routinely plan and do before a race will all be different.
My wife won't be there.
Start the day and finish the day by myself.
The hills are brutal......I know, I struggled last year.
There is a new time limit....yes I've done faster, but will I on the hills?
I haven't been training the way I should. Is that rest or laziness?
Hamstrings hurt because of different work out......good thing or bad?

The mind plays vicious games......doubt turns to fear and fear turns to barriers.

I'll just need to remember.....

Eugene Thompson
Running to bring awareness about diabetes.