Monday, September 14, 2015

Have you read a good book today?

Over the last several months I have changed my whole process of how I approach my mornings. Since joining SEVA Entrepreneurs Organization I have been injected with new energy to increase my personal growth in everything I do. It started back early on in the year with something that triggered in my mind to grow the business and invest in other things other than IONIC. I have a feeling it was related to the great support I received from RUN RUGENE RUN.

However the opportunity to hear some great speakers thru EO and the opportunity to read their books has put me on the fast track of learning. To become everything! Now I've never been a reader so this wasn't natural for me. I've always been driven to be better......for a week or so at least. I know....that is sad. It feels like a New Years tradition. Starting for a week or so on the best of intentions and then fading out. However this time I've been consistent for nearly six months!

I have a whole lot of speakers and books I've been engaged in and I've taken pieces of each and began applying them to my schedule. Things that seem to fit me and my agendas. Nearly every morning I wake up at 5:00 AM to start my morning. Yes that would be Hal Elrod's Miracle morning. I write in my digital 5 Minute Journal and then go down my list of activities taken from Dr. Jason Selk's Mental Toughness. All of it has proven to inspire me.

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to read and listen to Drew Crenshaw. Some great advise and great tools that I was able to share with my family and office. I had read his book, "The Focused Business" which was centered around superheroes and villains. It was a great read and I enjoyed it. Learning how to fight the super villain Chaos in my everyday life. A short time afterwards I received a package in the mail that included three books.

I can't wait to dive into The Myths of Multitasking......I just need to finish the other two books I'm currently reading......yeah, I know! From never reading to reading multiple books at one time. I feel like a sponge absorbing all of this energy and inspiration to get better. To be a better leader, husband, father....and of course grandfather. A big part of it is being a better ME! Growing ME for ME is important. After all, if I cannot get can I expect others to get better.

So with that said, I'm off and running! I've got things to do this morning.
Have a great day my fellows TIBs! Make the best of each moment.

Eugene Thompson

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Northern Michigan and the Kalamazoo Marathon

Once we departed from Mackinac Island the rest of our trip kicked off. We were getting the opportunity to see family (my wife's sister and her family) that we hadn't seen in sixteen years. Or at least I hadn't. Our niece was graduating from The University of Michigan which was the real reason for the trip. All the other vacationing and running became bonus collateral damage......err rewards I mean.

It was a true vacation and a time to get away. Sure we packed a lot into our journey but that is what we always did. Fill up our agenda.....even on vacation!

From Mackinac to Ann Arbor to Kalamazoo. We saw quite a bit of Michigan. Flint Michigan.....I heard of that. Battle Creek Michigan.....we've been watching the tv show.....needed to stop for a bowl of Kelloges frosted flakes!

Kalamazoo was the site of the next marathon. Honestly I wasn't sure I could run this. My knees were getting pretty tired and sore. This would make four races in four consecutive weekends. Three marathons and one half. I figured I would do the best I could. 

It was a very well supported local race and had a pretty good turn out. These races are fun just because of the local involvement. I was a loner at this race without a lot of interaction. A few people I talked to a little but only briefly. It was a Sunday morning so my wife found a church but would find me at the finish line later. I'm sure I wouldn't finish early.

Starting line was pretty much like any other one just no corrals. You just climb in and go. I was fine with that. The fast ones took off. Us slow ones turtles know....setting the pace. I like to think of it as protecting the rear of the pack! 

These kind of races take you through the city, parks and neighborhoods. It's nice. Mile 13 my knee started acting up. I shifted one knee wrap over to the other knee so I was wearing two on one. I needed whatever support I could get. It seemed to work a little. It gave me a bit more support as I tottered along.

Five more miles and the pain picked back up again. Wasn't much more I could do. From that point I knew I had nearly 8 more miles but couldn't really run constantly. I began the regiment of run walk. I hate when I do this. I know my time will suck. I don't care that my goal is TO JUST FINISH. I always want to do better. 

Run walk routine become more of a walk know a bit more walking than running. I would run for as long as I could handle the pain and then ease up and walk until I could start up again. I pushed on and unfortunately finished just a few minutes over six hours.......I hate that! Really hate that. No excuses.......I need to strenthen my knees more so I can handle all this running. Especially if I'm going to push for 14 marathons this year.

Yeah, medal.....yeah pictures......yeah soaked in salty sweaty gear. Regardless, I DID IT!
Marathon number 7 for more than last year in half the time. That makes 7 marathons and two half marathons in 15 weeks. I have decided to now eliminate most of the half marathons from the rest of my schedule. First because I just don't have the money to enter and travel to all the races. But primarily so I can reserve my energy for the full ones.

My knees need lots of rest so I will refrain from as many of the hill courses as possible. Try to drop a few more pounds to "lighten my load". And of course build some strength. That means skipping a few of the uncertain races in NC over the summer. I think those will have too many hills and I also feel my knees just need some significant time to recover.

The down the fall......I'll have 7 marathons in 10 weeks.

Remember my friends.......HAVE A FUN RUN.