Sunday, October 19, 2014

Running in Texas

Saturday morning I decided to go for a run. We had been traveling a lot lately and I was really tired. This wasn't business trip however but a great get-a-away to see our newly born granddaughter only a week earlier. We were in LUBBOCK TEXAS!

I knew that I would probably be running the neighborhood but I wanted to see maybe there was a park, trail, stream.....something I could use rather than running around the block. So this is what I looked up on the map of the local neighborhood:

Obviously the blue dot is me......admits a vast sea of grid. Maybe if I look a little further out?

Nope, just a bigger sea of the same expanding city grid. This is feeling a little like the matrix! Maybe just a little further beyond this image. There could be a park off in the distance?

A patchwork quilt of landscaping and farms as far as the ever seeing eye can see. I really need to get a fair run in since I am two weeks away from my fifth marathon. The marathon of death! Stay tuned for that adventure......until then my run run.

Have a great day.
ET This I Believe
Eugene Thompson