Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

okay, not this old yet.....
Okay at a ripe old age of 46 going on to 47 quite soon....I wonder want I want to be when I grow up. Sounds like a strange question doesn't it? Maybe this is more of the same old question for men when they get to their middle age.....actually if that is my middle age...I am happy.  It means I have another 46 years to accomplish all the things yet to be done.  My wife likes to hear that.

Back to the question at hand...What do I want to be? Yes, some may say that I am quite successful as I run my own business for the last 13 years.  I have been able to weather the economic storm, so to speak...knock on wood! I drive a beautiful BMW Z3....don't get crazy it is 14 years old.....almost a classic (nice spin). I have raised 4 wonderful kids and they are all out in the world trying to begin their lives and find their place in the world.

 So why do I not know what I am doing in my life? Good question.....I don't know that either.  Maybe it is at this age that I wonder if I had made different choices in my life? (that is another blog post). I have always been "challenged" in everything I have done.  Some might say that I always land on my feet no matter what strikes me, or everything always comes up roses, but honestly it has taken a lot of work to "make things happen". Walt Disney said He wouldn't know what to do without challenges as it had always been with him throughout his life. I guess that things seem easier now.....easier...not easy! And I am looking for the next challenge or next thing to accomplish.

I have set some new goals for myself with health and fitness. Fighting diabetes will continue to be a challenge the rest of my life so it will need to stay in the forefront. However I have given myself the task of running another half marathon by January 2013, full marathon by January 2014 and in 2015 the Goofy Challenge which is a half on Saturday and a full on Sunday.....Yes, that is Goofy!...and a challenge.

The kids have all grown so with it preparation for the next step....getting together for family vacations.  I hope to do better than my parents did with this. I know siblings all have issues growing up and get angry with one another but will pray that all the past is in the past and that for a few moments within their life they can deal with one another. The very reason we tried to make Christmas time so special, or why we purchased the timeshare down near Disney World. It is time to cash in on some of that time down in Florida and get the opportunity to enjoy it.

Working on the house to "finish" it will be another task.  Finish is actually a definition that has yet to truly be defined within my vocabulary.....it is never finished. I am sure we will never sell it.  We will be here forever but maybe if it is our little museum it will be fun.  Driving the neighbors crazy with a ridiculous addition and rooftop garden will be interesting. We will see how that comes along.  Until then I will continue to work on my "sanctuary" garden in the back yard.  I have a few new ideas up my sleeve! I never cared about the lawn so much before.

Maybe artwork? I haven't spent much time working on any of my artwork for some time.  That could be a new challenge that I reintroduce into my life. As long as I don't feel pressured to accomplish something but rather just enjoy doing it for the sake of doing it. That might be fun. Paintings, sculptures, furniture...whatever I choose.

Maybe now we can do some traveling? Go to places that I have always wanted to see. I have worked up a Bucket List and it would be fun to knock some of those places and things off of the list. Could be local travel, U.S. travel or even world traveling.

So now you see my dilemma? I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Maintain the challenge of Architecture? World renown Landscaper? Marathon Runner? Home Repair Specialist? Grandad Vacation Specialist? Infamous Artist? or Traveling Extraordinaire?

Hmmmm, maybe I will sleep on it and figure it out in the morning. Have a great day my friends. Remember that what ever you do....Just enjoy it today, before you know it, it will be tomorrow and yesterday will be gone.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Time Blahs

I haven't been writing much lately.  I guess I just haven't been in the sharing mode much.  Not sure why. we have hit the middle of the summer and between maintaining the work at the office and keeping up with the yard (you cannot let it go for a minute) there hasn't been much time for any get-a-ways. We have watched a few movies that were fun but other than that......just blah.

I guess it is okay to be blah sometimes.  We don't need to always lead the adventurous life. After all, that would get a bit wearisome if we were to keep that pace up. I think the peacefulness is a blessing. A quiet time drinking a cup of coffee out on the patio, a few new flower arrangements in the garden and trying out a new invented recipe for a tasty treat.

I guess that has become the normal life experience right now. I seriously need to get myself running again.  It has been two and a half weeks.  My hamstring kept bothering me, but that isn't an reason....more of an excuse.  I just haven't been into it.

I seriously need to finish some of my garden work.  I bought the wood for a trellis by the back fence.  I just need to dig the holes, set them in place and pour the concrete.....blah! I also need to continue pulling up the stone patio and replacing them at the planter.....blah! Once the stones are up, I can begin to pour the concrete pads for the new patio....Blah! Blah!

I serious need to finish my baseball marketing scheme.....Blah!

Okay...enough of the Blahs! This doesn't even make for good reading! i will do something this week to be inspirational to others.  Keep you posted soon.

Don't be Blah my friends!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Just another Day in the Life and Times of Walter Mitty

How does the clock spin on your days? Is it just another day of the same ol' thing? Or is each day a grand new adventure? Which is better, Adventures or Simplicity of Repetition?

That is the question of the day. It seems like there are many days where I wake up and am ready to take on the world.  Ready for it's challenges. Ready to conquer whatever tasks lay in front of me.  Then there are the other days that I would rather just sit in bed and play Sim City.  Who cares about what is going on out there.....I would prefer to hide out and ignore the surroundings.

Do you remember the movie some years back with Danny Kay, the Secrete Life of Walter Mitty? I loved that story.  Walter Mitty was just an ordinary gentleman with an ordinary life but had an amazing imagination.  His life became an adventure each day as he imagined himself in the most fantastical environments and occupations. He chose not to make his days repetitious.

I feel I do have a HUGE imagination but not sure I can transport myself into another world of fantasy. Maybe that's what happens when you get older...a little less "Naive Optimism" and a little more "Stagnate Realization". That sounds horrible. But the truth....or at least maybe just the way I am feeling at times. When I was younger I felt, and believed, I could conquer the world. Anything I chose to do and feel were attainable.  It was just a matter of time before it came to fruition. Then as time passed and the world showed it's ugly side to me, I became a bit more negative. The world beat up on my ideas and the clock kept spinning without any of the dreams becoming a reality. The world doesn't want dreams...but results.

This type of thinking is just downright disturbing. Disturbing that we let our minds think that we cannot accomplish our dreams. That the world will squish or lives and force ourselves to endure an endless cycle of repetitious days without adventure, without fantasy, without dreams. Why would we chose to let the world win? Why would we chose to give up and relinquish our desires? These were the thoughts of our youth that inspired our imagination. Don't give up on the positive thoughts....don't give up on the imagination....Keep on believing in yourself and dream Walter Mitty....DREAM!