Saturday, August 13, 2016

What I've Learned

The pros and cons of having the use of only one leg (or foot):

- saved laundry by reducing socks by 50%
- increased skills of balancing on one leg
- learned how to go to the bathroom on one leg.....use your imagination
- opening door with automatic closer while on crutches
- building strength in my left leg
- a very tired left leg
- inability to drive a car
- ability to creatively enter a car
- learning how to carry everything in a back pack while on crutches
- losing weight.....too much work to get to the kitchen
- finding out I only have two pairs of pants that fit over my foot 
- get to wear shorts to work
- building strength in my arms using crutches
- having sore armpits using crutches 
- bathing is a chore
- having very tan toes......or is that dirt?'s all in how you look at it.

Eugene Thompson
Runner + Founder


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