Monday, August 29, 2016

The Achilles Chronicles - Recovery Update

First of all let me apologize to my followers, friends and family. I've been less than motivated lately to post updates to my progress......mostly because there hasn't been any. Most of you already know of my set back in late July when I ruptured my Achilles. That quickly ended my journey to run my 50 mile challenge I have been planning for so long. I have had the feelings of letting myself down but more importantly of those who had been counting on me. I am so sorry to have let you down.

The 50 mile challenge was to happen while I was still 50 years old. Unfortunately the doctor says I cannot even begin running until after my birthday if at all this year. Patience has never been my best trait. Struggling with depression seems to have escalated. Diabetes does that. Running helped with it. The inability to walk without crutches, to drive, to do just about anything without assistance or depending on others has just thrown fuel on the fire. Some days are better than others. Some worse. Life goes on and I strive to focus on the issues I can address.

The definition of SETBACK is shear daunting when I think about having to start all over. The fear of ever returning to where I once was haunts me. It'll be a long road.......longer than 26.2!

Well that's my emotional state......sorry if it lacks positivity......that's today's mood.

Here's the recovery story....or at least my update for the last four weeks:

07.28.16  Snapped Achilles went to ER

07.29.16  Saw the orthopedic surgeon


08.25.16  First visit to physical therapist for evaluation


Two weeks of no weight bearing then two more of minimal weight bearing from 9.19.16
That'll put me at mid to late October before I can begin walking without crutches entirely.

09.16.16  Return to surgeon for follow-up
09.17.16  50 mile challenge day. Thankful for others who will be running in my stead at Unify!
That's about as far as I can see into the future. Each day I grow more anxious to begin.....begin doing something! Anything! Did I say patience wasn't my best trait? It's hard to plan my schedule even months in advance because I just don't know how well I'll be walking or if at all yet. That's frustrating.

Running by end of November.
First marathon......Shamrock in Virginia Beach by J&A Racing
50 mile challenge redux......9.16.17

Wish me luck and send your prayers. Thank you to my friends.

Eugene Thompson
Marathon Runner + Founder


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