Sunday, September 26, 2010

Age...It moves quickly

In the that seems like so long not THE BEGINNING, but my beginning. Coming up on 45 years.  Tuesday Dexter is 24.  Gideon is getting married. Where has the time gone? Each day is a new beginning and it starts all over with every sunrise. That is a great thing.  It means what ever we screwed up yesterday we can forget about it and start fresh this morning.  Regaina and I have been waking up right at 6 just before the sun is even up.  As a matter of fact she is out walking right now.  Something I should be doing but officially I am not awake yet!

Each morning is an exciting adventure these days but still it takes a bit to get moving towards the day.  Often I feel like I could just sit here in bed and contemplate life.  It is nice to relax for a change. Relax doesn't come often.  Always something to do.  I make it my mission, self imposed as it may be, to fill every void in my calendar with stuff......some thing must fit inside each minute. If there is a down time usually it is staring at the boob tube or maybe even browsing on the internet.  But I am sure there are things I could be doing in the yard, to the house, at work etc etc etc.

The movement starts slow as I can feel the pain in each joint as they all start to wake up.  The back creeks and I need to twist it into a pretzel....but wait a minute the back will careful.  Fingers are all stiff, neck is achy. Oh and yes lets wait for the head to start pounding as well. The most painful one.  I used to remember a time when my mind was over my matter.  Whats the matter now! i could concentrate and focus on any part of my body to overcome the pain from what ever I had done.  I truly think that is how I survived the football and power lifting days.  Just to concentrate.

Well some times trying to concentrate is just too much to deal with.  Sometimes it is better to just BE. no thinking about what tasks are ahead of me this day, no worries about how much work still needs to get accomplished. Not even the slightest care of what bills need paid.  Just BE! Time is short, Life is shorter.  We need to BE all we can BE while we can.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I just think that I am so busy I cant see anything beyond this day.  Guess that is what the Bible says. Being busy is much better than busy worried that their isn't anything.  We have been getting calls right and left with work and running like a mad man to finish and keep all the clients happy.  That is the good part......Bad part is the worries that we can keep up this pace for very long and what if something slips through the gap.....Quality!  I should hire someone to assist but I like the fact that we are working towards getting further and further out of debt.  Some money to spare....some more equipment, software, computers etc......Even getting our pay checks pay our own bills.

I am interviewing but that this point I really need to put it in the Lord's hands and let him make the decision.  I cannot see clearly right now.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anniversary of 9-11

This morning is the anniversary of our nation's tragic event.  I didn't know anyone that was directly affected but indirectly i believe we all were affected.  In some way all of our life's changed that very morning.  It is a pretty vivid image in my mind.  I had recently started a new business and was working out of the home at that time. The television was turned off because I wouldn't get any work don't if that was the case.  I cant remember who called but someone told me to turn on the news. I watched the events of that day unfold before my very eyes as so many people did that day.  I couldn't reach my wife on her cell phone as she was teaching flute at school and didn't pick up after numerous attempts. My young daughter was home with me that day and remembered that I must have been mad as I was yelling at the television. I was so upset she recounts.  I wasn't angry at that moment, just scared as I though about what could happen to the structures as they stood there ablaze. As an architect I had an idea that the temperature of the airline fuel on fire would be so hot that it would melt the structural steel and cause further chaos. I only thought the top of the buildings would topple over, never collapse on themselves.  I was yelling at the television to tell the people to get out of there quick, run away.....don't go in.  All of that didn't do any good from my sofa in Virginia Beach. Moments later it became worse. The day unfolded in horror.  Couldn't believe that we could be attacked on our own homeland.  This country has some pretty profound history of war and of battles that have taken place on our lands. From the British invasion to the bombing of Peril Harbor.  But this day, this infamous day, will never leave my memory.  I believe I will always remember that feeling of being scared, nervous, angry, worried but yet so helpless, because I could be there to help anyone.

Our nation has made a lot of mistakes along the way.  But the one thing I can say no matter what......I am proud to be an American.  Always!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Morning

Sitting out on the patio Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and some fresh cut roses on the table from our garden is so wonderful.....a bit cool is morning so I put on a sweat shirt.  Last night OSU beat the pants off of Washington State sixty something to 17....very nice. I went to bed at 50 to 10.  Next week the steelers start their season.  Got to make football my own boys to help.

Today we need to do a little more work in the yard....some trimming and some back yard hefty work, but the front is mostly done with the exception of some weeding and some hedge clipping.

I believe that this type of peace is needed to keep calm in your life.  Without a bit of down time and quiet within yourself, you never have the chance to recharge.  Oh believe me, it isn't easy when you are young with kids.  Regaina and I had to really work at it to find our "time" together.  As we get older we can make some time but still very busy.  These mornings are something that I will never forget nor never wish that they will ever end.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Well Labor Day weekend is finally here and that means the summer season is gone...So fast. We prepare for the football season but this year it will be a lone spectator sport.  No other football fans to watch it with.  Gaina and April are not really all that big of fans.  They would prefer to do something else when the opportunity avails.  Hasn't been that way for 15 years since the boys first got excited in football when they played flag football at Courthouse Rec. 

Oh well the cycles of life.  I am really feeling it now.  There was a time so many years ago when I didn't have a house full of kids......23 years ago or April is the last one and she spends more time away than here. It is all a bit sad, a bit lonely.  I miss all the activity and the uproar.  Even the laughter and chaos.  Don't know how to deal with peace and quiet.

Slowly getting back into the garden thing.  Hoping this weekend I can spend some time straightening the flowers and yard to make it nice.  Takes a lot of time and I haven't given it the time I should have this year. Maybe a bit depressed through all these changes. Now that the weather has cooled a bit from the sweltering heat, we can enjoy the back yard more.  Maybe even spend the evenings out in the backyard.....hey we can cuddle under a cover and watch a movie on the internet on the laptop.....that could be fun....Going to try to do new romantic things with Gaina as this new lifestyle approaches.  I have a huge bucket list and I want to start planning for it now.....mark things off the list and add to it with all the things local and far away....maybe I will talk about the bucket next time.