Monday, August 30, 2010


First of all, I am writing this blog mostly for myself.  It isn't really meant for all consumption.  Anybody who reads it that is fine, but I am not making it an EVENT. So many time we feel our lives must be so important that we need to advertise what we are doing at every moment on site such as Twitter.  How bold of us to think that our lives are so important we all wanted to hear about what you ate for breakfast.  This world is pretty full of itself. So if you stumbled along and found this blog, just know that it is a great place to keep a history of my thoughts. Enjoy......or Hate.

I am also tired of the news we are forced to watch on television and listen to on the radio.  First "Talk Radio" is such a waste. I really just care to listen to music, not hear you blab.  By the way, what makes you so important and profound that put you in this all might position.  Qualifications: Big Mouth. No experience necessary! Television, please give me some Good news also.  I am tired of all the bad stuff.  Give me a little hope to go out and have a nice dinner (not my last one) and spend a little money (not my last dollar cause the economy is tanking) and take a drive (not having to hear about BP one more commercial worth). Just it will be nice today and enjoy! okay maybe too much.

Tired of people wanting so much, tired of kids demanding so much, tired of having so little, tired of my cars being so crappy, tired of the air conditioner not working, tired of the weedeater not spitting out line and getting jambed up all the time, tired of the tasks around the house, tired of not having enough time to do the things I enjoy within the constraints of a 24 hour day, tired of the lack of money, tired of being overweight, tired of all the medicine I take, tired of diabetes, tired of clients who do not pay, tired of waiting on the new movies to come out, tired of not being able to take a vacation, tired of listening to everyone's grips.

What I am not tired of......waiting for the next day to see what the Lord will bring.  It is all good and i shouldn't complain.

Have a great day peoples!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last weekend in August

Not a bad close to the last full business week of August.  We got a contract for the additiona and renovation of a small church in Virginia Beach, received the contract for a new office building near town center in VABCH and a great response to our model for a conceptual design of a condo development.  Actually asked to do a bit more work on the conceptual single family units.  Oh yeah and dont forget that 1st Bay is continuning to move along and we will submitting for rezoing in two weeks.  A new client for small residential work.....Man we are busy. That is good.  Trying to get it all done may make me crazy but that is okay.

Saturday I was able to cut down most of the forest growing in my backyard.  I am going to try and work on the front edging and pruning all the flowers to make them nice again.  I really need to fix the gate too.  Really need to clear out the much to do, so little time or money.  That is the same old story though.  Nothing new. 

Trying to continue to walk and keep my Blood sugar under contol.  It was better this last time I went to the doctor but I need to do better.  Loosing about 35 pounds would greatly help.  I would love to run again. Little by Little.  Really want to loose a few pounds before Gideon and Melinda wedding.  I want to look healthy and not tired.

Thats all for this time, will keep you posted more as I get better at this.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In the Beginning....

Well, I started a new blog here to plug in a bunch of stuff that seems to clog up my head all the time.  Maybe I can get it out and have a few less headaches.  I will make an attempt to blog on a regular basis.....if not for others, for myself.