Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wilderness Vacation: Day Four

Another evening adventure to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The wife had to go, so I might as well get up too. I've been procrastinating. Since we both are up Mavrick decides he needs to go as it's a family pottie adventure. Back to bed!

We wake up to the sound of brewing coffee.....and it brews...and brews.....and brews....and brews. "Hey isn't it supposed to stop making that noise?" It's all plugged up and got stuck and made a mess. The coffee gods have struck back for our blasphemy actions of taking the sacred Hamilton Beach Brewing Vessel into the wilderness. This is a real catastrophe for my wife....she cannot live on bread alone......she must have coffee. She fiddles with it for a while to drain out several cups from several pots. I have a feeling that if she cannot resurrect the coffee maker we will be driving into town today!

It's Monday and it should be a work day. It will really be a test of my resolve to put all the world behind me. Not sure that is possible.

Breakfast feast of pancakes and turkey bacon starts the morning off right. This was one of the kids favorite breakfasts when we went camping. There is a whole lot less cooking I am doing for the two of us. (Excuse me....and Mavrick). I miss the kids and those camping adventures.

Well she tried to clean out the coffee maker but it was down for the count. We couldn't help ourselves, off to town we went. Mostly wondering thru back roads because we still had no signal or GPS. Where was the nearest town with a Walmart? No clue! No worries, just a nice drive looking at mostly dilapidated barns, houses, sheds and various other structures that were in serious disrepair. Yes, the question popped in my mind.....what could I do to rebuild this?

Finally we found a big enough civilization to contain a Walmart and with it a new coffee maker. During this journey we also made it out of the dark territory and received connection to the Internet. With it came 81 emails and 5 text messages. Yes I read them....but didn't respond to any.....we scurried back to the darkness towards our cabin.

The rest of the day we really did nothing. I mean nothing on top of nothing. We had grabbed lunch in town because it was getting well past noon so we did cook any lunch. Another wonderful afternoon nap.....those are the best....and then more of nothing.

We continued playing Word on the ipad....I think she is addicted to it....and just laid around. The weather was much warmer so we enjoyed some sun in our chairs by the campfire.....but no campfire. We really weren't hungry when it came to dinner either. A few snacks but mostly sat in bed playing Word until it was time for bed.

A really boring last full day of camping but then again we didn't want an agenda or things we must do. Sure we brought paperwork and laptops but we never touched them. We talked about getting them out but never did.....feel kind of guilty about it too.....naw, not really.

The end is here. The last evening. Did we accomplish what we set out to do? Did we relax? Did we rest? Did we replenish? Maybe a little. I'm sure the mounting stress will heap back upon our heads once we renter civilization. But we knew that already. But for tonight, we rest.