Thursday, February 20, 2014

Preparing for Shamrock Mararthon

Sometimes I wonder just what exactly I am doing.....signing up for my second marathon at age 48....only two months after my first one. First one was pretty rough......I met my goal for my bucket list......but two? What is my deal?

That I don't know. To make matters worse I am doing the WHALE! What is the whale you might ask? Glad you is the 8K on the Saturday before and the full marathon 26.2 miles the following day.

I won't set in records in the races.....just maybe a personal best.....if I am lucky. 

23 more days to prepare. BRING IT ON!
Wait what am I saying?

Eugene Thompson
ET This I Believe

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Marathonacation: Day Six & Seven......the end

There really a whole lot to say when it comes to the last days of our vacation. I guess the hustle and bustle back home got the better of us and we needed to connect with our business workaholic side. We had a brief meeting in the morning about

I went into town....that being Winter Park just outside Orlando to visit another architecture firm to discuss the possibility of collaborating on some projects together. It was a nice visit and great to get to know them better. We had spoke numerous times on the phone previously. We walked a short way to their "downtown" area and had lunch. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Next...back to the hotel and to possibly venture out again.

Our last day in Florida. We checked out of our hotel and was pretty much ready to go home. Waiting isn't really our thing. We always have to be busy. Down time is hard to handle, it must be forced. My knees are better since the run. We decide to wonder around Downtown Disney one last time. Wasn't anywhere we really wanted to go.

We head there and realize it is crazy cold! A cold front had moved in and we were freezing. We thought about going inside someplace to eat.....mostly to stay warm, but wasn't sure where to go. We certainly couldn't do much more shopping because 1) we were packed and 2) what possibly else could we buy and finally 3) we really just wanted a place to get warm.

Movie theatre was our choice. Perfect! And we could eat something. We decided to go see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I loved the first one with Danny Kaye when I was a kid. The new version was just an inspiring. I probably should write a whole blog just on the movie......keep posted.

End of movie, off to airport, end of Florida, end of vacation.........back to life again......or is it death.....or maybe afterlife.....sounds like a zombie thing.

See you soon my friends.

ET This I a Believe
Eugene Thompson

Monday, February 3, 2014

Marathonacation: Day Five

on the ferry boat to Disney
Magic Kingdom....the happiest place on earth....or so they say. I still am a kid at heart and if you go to any parks in have to go to Disney, no matter how many times you have gone before. We set out somewhat early so we could see everything we wanted and do it at a leisurely pace. Every time we approach the gates for parking it reminds me of Wally World! I just ran through here two days ago at about 6:30AM.

Getting to Magic Kingdom from the parking lot......monorail or ferry! We chose the Ferry. We always do! Today will be the massive taking of selfies in the history of mankind. We will take them everywhere. Why? I don't know. Why not? That is my philosophy.

Nice peaceful tour thru the park. It wasn't really very crowded and the weather was just right. We did a little shopping here and there. Went on a few rides such as Winnie the Pooh ride. We looked a little silly us old folks without kids riding the kids rides. Who cares! We had a blast. Teapots spinning ride and yes I did make it spin. I will try and download the video here. All was fun.

in front of the train station as we arrive
We had lunch at the historic area and when they called our names it was like, "The Thompsons from the Commonwealth of Virginia." Pretty cool. Food was good as we got there just before some of the crowds. We had to make reservations. 

main street area

the castle!

in front of some jungle thingy

going up to Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

in the treehouse

at the top of the treehouse


Disney night fall

I wore her out! Resting with Mickey and Walt

a wonderful fun trip

Eugene Thompson
ET This I Believe