Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's So Spooky Out There.....

Halloween isn't quite the same it used to be for me.  I grew up pretty much loving the idea of going around the neighborhood as a kid to gather all sorts of goodies.  I would gather up as much as possible and after a long tiring haul, I would bring back the sacred booty and spread it all out across the dinning room dad would swipe some of the good pieces! Believe it or not even back then I would categorize the candy by type, size and favorites.....what a goof!

once my wife and I got together and we first had our children, we slowed down on any of this activity.  One reason was we lived in the country. In order to get a just a pocket full of candy you would have to hike several miles. It always seemed to be raining or really cold in Pennsylvania AKA Transylvania on that night so it became a hassle.  The original IONIC 6 came out of that time when I created our two oldest son's costumes from their request of merging: Power Rangers, dinosaurs, robots and superheros all together.......ah...okay. So there it was.

Later we planned events (living out in the country) to do hayrides for the church youth and offer them an alternative. We called it neewollah, (Halloween spelled backwards) instead of all the evil inspiration it was reversed and meant to be positive. Candy hunts, bobbing for apples, costume outfits that were inspired from the Bible.  It was good fun.

Once we moved here to Virginia Beach, all was put aside and we decided to avoid the holiday all together.  We bought bags of candy and ate them all ourselves, locked the front door, turned out all the lights and watched a GOOD movie while all the ghosts and goblins ran amok in our neighborhoods.

Today....our youngest is 16.  We probably wont even go buy any candy. (Too any weight watchers points!) 4 Tootsie rolls equal one point but a small miniature Baby Ruth or Snickers are two points each.  That adds up! Yes times have changed.  I don't argue much with people about what they want to do, we just stay away from it still.  However I will tell you that I do have something a bit "dark" on my bucket list......I want to visit Transylvania for real.....Yep, right in the heart of Romania.....That will scare the pants off of me if I ever get to go.  I am so weird!

With that.....stay safe my friends!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

How time flys! Do you feel that you just looked down a few minutes ago and saw your child pulling on your pants leg asking for something.  And then the next moment they are getting married.  Where did all the time go in between.  It just flew past us in a blur.  I want it all back, where is the Real Life Tivo so I can replay every moment! I am feeling a bit old lately.....a bit grey. Not on my head. We know that wont happen, but in my goatee.

We are in Colorado this crisp October morning for my son's wedding.  He met a lovely (equally addicted sports fanatic) in college and they have been best friends for the last three years.  Something his mother and I always told our children.  Find your best friend! He has.  We are so excited that he has taken this huge step (even though it is a young age of 21) and is allowing us into their lives.  I was married first at almost 20, so I cannot complain.  The key is finding someone he can spend his life with.  They are so amazingly similar.

I remember when he first came home for a thanksgiving break from college and we always head out to the tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree the first Saturday after Thanksgiving.  He was on the phone at the early morning hour of 7:00 which was 5:00 here in Colorado.  Pretty early! He said it was just his friend from school.  Mom said right then it couldn't be just a friend.....It was more.  Well mom is always right! And here we are three years later waiting for the the other groomsmen to fly in.
The time has past quickly, and I have always hated the song "Cats in the Cradle and the Silver Spoon" becasue it haunts me that I may not have spent enough time with my kids.  At work too much, going here or there, never getting the opportunity to have those special talks because there wasn't enough time.  I will always doubt myslef.....that's what I do.

Well it will be a happy moment and a sad one.  Happy for our son to move on in life with his help mate. Happy that they will be starting their own family, their own traditions, their own memories. Sad because it means a change in our lives.....It will never be the same. Our traditions will be be mostly memories now. I know that he will always be my little boy. Regardless, I couldn't be more proud of them......Yep.......Rocky Mountain High!

This weekend will be full of memories. Stay tuned. Talk to you soon my friends!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

In the race

Yesterday we ran in the Breast Cancer race, Race for the Cure, down at the beach.  It was a bit problem.  A bit problem. However we parked at 9th street and the race began at 31st Street....oops. So walked all the way there to start.  Also this was the first that I had done since the half marathon in Dsiney 2 and a half years ago.....Ouch. I shouldnt have ever stopped the running. Thought I could take a break but never meant that break to last 3 years.  Gained too much weight, to hard to run with an extra 30 pounds.

Anyway it felt good to push myself.  I wasnt expecting to break any records.  I didnt even train for this.  Just did it.  Of course this morning I am a bit sore.  But I am a beleiver in the moto, "No Pain, No Gain". for whatever that is worth.  Mostly my stupidity.  But anyway, it felt good.

Being a diebetic, it is hard to control your weight.  I have just started back on weight watchers and have so far lost just over 5 pounds in 3 weeks. soso good. I hate going slow. The running helps a great deal in keeping my weight down.  I am looking to drop another 20-25 pounds and would be under 200 for the first time in.......cant remember.  It wont be easy but I like challenges.....problem is I like pizza too.....and burgers, and beer and cake and well you get the idea.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

Stay healthy my friends

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Parenting - the never-ending task/reward

There are so many books on parenting and so much advice on how to do it and how to communicate and how to, how to, how to etc.  truth comes when you are actually a parent and you are actually parenting.  Books may give advice but it is all spontaneous efforts at that particular time in your life and your children's lives. Each child is different.  Each situation is different. 

We have always joked about kids do not come with an instruction manual. Every manual would have to be different.  Parenting can only be effective when you know your child as well as you know yourself. When you can trust your child as well as you can trust yourself.  That takes a lot of effort.  Weekend parenting wont cut it. Just spending time in the evening wont cut it.  You truly have to become best friends all of their lives.  Just just a parent. This isn't always popular to the younger child.  Only becomes a real aspect of the relationship when they call you from Colorado and their car is broke down with a bad transmission asking you advice as to cars and debt.  Then you have come to a point in that relationship where they actually accept your years of experience and your own hard knocks in life. Doesn't mean they will take your advice, but at least they asked for it.

The Bible tells us to raise up the child in the ways of the Lord and they will always return to it.  With children in the early 20's and a few older teenagers, we are still seeing that materialize.  It makes you feel good to be asked the questions of life.  It makes you feel good to be there when their little hearts are broken.  It makes you feel good when you go to their work late at night to give them a piece of birthday cake because they didn't have time to come over. However it doesn't mean that we, as parents, don't hurt when our little babies hurt.  Doesn't mean that we don't want to say, "I told you so." or "I thought I taught you better than that." we don't though.  We bite our tongue and hold our breath and wipe away the tears just like we did when they were little and fell down and skinned their knee.

It hurts often to be a parent. But it also is the most absolute best thing in the world at the same time. Every moment spent was never long enough, but never wasted.  Memories are hard to sift through but are precious to recount.  I love being a daddy. Have a good day my friends.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Positive Attitude

It isn't always easy staying positive with all the STUFF going on around us.  But it is so much more enjoyable if we can.  My wife and I just watched a video called "The Secret" that was filled with positive ideas.  The main idea was that if you think about positive thoughts, that those positive thoughts will generate positive reactions.  Same with negative.  Even if you think about not having debt, you have already wasted some energy on that "debt".  Money is one thing but I believe that there is so much more we can gain by having a positive spirit.  Health, Happiness and Success.  You name the success.  I enjoy the results of my work and how happy our clients are.  In return we get rewarded for that effort we put in.

Read on Sunday in Isaiah about positive results.  Actually it was one saying that they would not approach again with sorrow in their heart because it would bring sorrow.  How true! Bring joy....create Joy.  Have a great day my friends.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rainy Morning

One of the great things i enjoy these days is the time i get to spend with my wife drinking coffee and reading the news on the internet first thing in the morning while still in bed. Oh sometimes we make it out to the patio but I would always have to get dressed for that.....I know , I know..TMI....(Too much Information). Everything just seems so peaceful and calm. No real noise from outside. No kids anymore at the house so it is just us enjoying the funny news we read on the laptop.

First let me share with you about coffee.  You see I never did drink coffee except on rare occasions.  My wife said I never really grew up.  But now I enjoy a cup or two in the morning.  I don't need anything fancy, just black coffee.  A few times if I am out at places such as Starbucks, I will order something fancy but that is rare. My wife and I started a new collection.  Wherever we go on trips we pick up a new coffee mug.  This morning I am drinking out of our Vegas cup.....BIG cup with 50's models on the side and the familiar Vegas sign.  Recently I received a mug from her trip back to Oklahoma at Eskimo Joe's. A shirt and a mug....Perfect.

Now the news, We both sit here reading our lap tops and finding our favorite site to read our favorite stories.  Sometimes it is funny news, sometimes sports recap because I couldn't stay awake the night before and sometimes it is sad news.  Weather, Politics, Events in our area whatever.  No real agenda but I can say most of the time the first thing I open is the Facebook page. I like saying hello to friends and seeing what everyone is up to.  A bit of a noisy snoop I guess.  But hey, they posted it!

Then there are times when I find myself compelled to write in my blog, like this morning.  Not really anything important just some ramblings on about what happens to be on my mind at the moment. No business (if possible).  Just a thought.  Something that I believe.  Have a good day my friends.