Friday, October 30, 2015

Mr. Incredible and Elasta Girl

I've always wanted to be a superhero. At least in someone's life. I love my wife for being so willing to be silly with me. We haven't done Halloween much at all mostly because we try to avoid the blood and gore. So silly it is. It probably fits me well.

These days I feel a little like Mr. Incredible. Everything is exactly that in my life right now.....INCREDIBLE! I feel more confident in everything I do and every challenge in front of me. Stronger than ever before in my life. And my wife? Well she has been pretty 'ELASTIC' for me allowing me to take on all these new challenges. That makes her pretty incredible too.

I'm wondering what ever took me so long to embrace this ability? It feels like a new super power that I just found. That I just realized I had. Where did it come from? Why me? Sure, I'm being silly right now but truthfully feel so blessed. Life is fun....and therefore I'm going to enjoy it. Each and every day!

Have fun my friends. Enjoy your day and be sure to share it with the one you love!

ET This I Believe 
Eugene Thompson

Run Eugene Run

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rock n Roll Denver - The Character Building Marathon

Well shall we just say that the morning started off beautiful....and then it went downhill from there. And I don't mean like terrain downhill. It was a struggle the entire run for me. I won't call it a failure, just a character building race.

The first 8 miles was fine. They dropped us off (shuttled) to what seemed like forever outside of town. On the bus I met Alan who was from California visiting family. Apparently he did well. I didn't see him the entire race. We had also met a couple at the previous afternoon movies. They were local runners. We had a nice chat. 

Back to the race, as they pulled the bus up to Adams County Park, the sun was just peaking over the skyline. I thought that was incredible. And then it peaked up a little more with an amazing orange reflection in the water beneath. And then once again as it rose a little higher it seemed as if the sky just burst into and explosion. Truly amazing. If anything about running these races I get to see some amazing sites. This was the best. 

And then I started running. 

The trail was along the river. Apparently the city wasn't in too much agreement to shut down the streets. So river trail path it was. Not a lot of spectators. Not a lot of shade. However there was a lot of sun at that altitude. I think the altitude hit me harder than expected. That and the 26.2 miles. I didn't give enough respect to either. Marathon number 9 or not I was feeling the pain. 

After mike 8 my hamstring began giving me issues. It became achy although it didn't hinder me much. I tried eating early on in this race so I could begin my fueling early. Whether it helped or not is still unknown. All the other effects hit hard on this race day. I saw my time slip away into one of my worst times ever. I had no control. 

My mind isn't staying focused at all. I have doubt, I have feelings of wanting to quit. Why am I doing this anyway? What is the purpose? What does it matter? I fight my fight of mental fatigue. This is crazy. Way too early to be feeling this way. What went wrong?

At mile 17 I had my blood sugar tested and was at 123. Not bad considering. Back to running. 

Mile 18.
Mile 19. 
Mile 20. Yeah. Dang I'm sucking. I know right now that there is no way I'm going to finish under 6 hours. Not at this pace. I post a Facebook picture. I suck!

Well that's how I feel. I don't feel like I gave it my best. Regardless I press on passing other turtles. This isn't really motivating either. They are hurting too. Mile 21 is a medical tent. A couple of guys lying down on cots. I so want to join them. "Hey dudes! How's it going?"  I don't. I push on. Define push. It's more of a shuffle. This feels like my first run or something. 

People are falling out right and left. Throwing up along the side. Great! That's helping my stomach so much. The heat is extreme at this altitude. 72 doesn't seem hot. But hang out in it for 6 hours running and then tell me that. 

Mile 22. 
Mile 23. Met a girl from Portland doing her first marathon. We both shuffle along together for a few. 

Mile 24. Just two more. I see people I've seen along the way where I pass them, they pass me and then we do it all over again. Several times. After the race one lady came up to me (we never spoke on the course) she wanted to thank me for helping her push on. Passing back and forth helped her. Go figure. Sucking today actually helped someone else. 

Mile 25. We enter city pavement with buildings. Dang it. I have to run across intersections. The police are holding up traffic for me. I can't walk through them. They encourage me giving me a countdown. I need that. 

Mile 26 and around the corner I come. .2 Point FREAKIN TWO as my shirt says. I got a lot of compliments on my shirt during this run. Chatted with many even if it was only a few words. My shirt was caked in salt. My stomach turning upside down. My hamstring now starting to tighten up. I run. I run for those last point 2 freakin miles.
The finish line isn't a glorious crossing other than a grand relief. I'm finished. I'm done. I won. If you want to call it that. I still suck. But hey, that's just me. Really tired. Don't want to look at my time. I know. 

Blood sugar tested once more. 69. Better get something. This one took a lot out of me. Not really hungry. Too tired to eat. I get my finisher jacket. And then I get my Heavy Metal #5 for completing five Rock n Roll races. Dang they are heavy on my neck. 

Call Uber. Go home. I stink. No really! I stink really bad. Foul smelling. Poor Uber driver. Oh well. 

Another race completed. Another finish. Another medal, race bib and tshirt. I'm ready for home. 3:15 comes early tomorrow morning to catch the flight home. 

Thanks to all of those racers that chatted. New friends. Thanks to the volunteers. The supporters. Thanks to the emergency crews watching over us. But thank you Lord for walking me through this. In a week I will forget the pain. But I'll never forget that sunrise. Never. 

Run Eugene Run
Eugene Thompson

Don't Quit. You're already in pain. You're already hurt. Get a reward from it. 

Have a Fun Run. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wineglass Marathon - #8

Here we go! Beginning the second half of my 2015 challenge. If you haven't been following me and don't know my crazy goals this year well here it is. Last year first time running a marathon and I did a total of 6. After knowing exactly what this old man could accomplish.....I raised the bar. I decided to push for a total of 12-14 marathons in order to raise funds and bring awareness about DIABETES. Yes I have it and many of my family members have it too. My parents had suffered from it too.

So here I am in Corning NY getting ready for yet another one. I feel like a pro at these now. Not really. I know what I am doing but there is never a marathon that when I finish I say I feel GREAT! It just doesn't happen. It is a huge physical challenge and certainly drains one of every last bit of strength. 

My wife and I left Virginia Beach in the downpour of the impending Hurricane Joaquin and drove 8+ hours up here. Heavy rains the better part of the drive but a great time talking the entire trip without the radio on one time. I thought that was impressive.....for me. We both are always running at full speed......not actually....just life....that times like these are perfect to take advantage we did!

We arrived at Corning, checked into the hotel.....fantastic place to hang out the next few days and they were very pet friendly. Once we got all of our stuff, we went for a quick bit to eat at The Gaffer. I got my early carb load....something I don't often do. It was nice and peaceful.

The next morning we got up and walked to the 5K starting point. I decided to push a little since I hadn't run much this last month. I worried the marathon would be harder than I hoped. It was rainy and blah but we both enjoyed the run and meeting new people. That is the best part. I did a quick spent to the finish line and finished 141 out of 800, not bad for really not pushing it. We went back, cleaned up and then headed out to another place called the Foot + Head. Great lunch. Grocery store stop and then hung out at the hotel the rest of the evening to prepare and rest for the evening.

Race morning always comes early but we were up and prepared. My wife running the half and I the full made us part ways early to grab the separate buses to the respective starting lines. She meet some new friends from the HAMPTON roads area that were also crazy runners. It's good to find like company.

Well just as I expected, I felt really good the first 13....that is about all I've maxed on the last few months. After that it was all uphill......okay actually it was downhill but it felt like I was running uphill. No wind, no push. I just did what I could do. I always have these crazy ideas that I'll get a marathon time of under five hours but I just don't have it in me yet. I suppose I should train better.....train with more focus on one race rather than a ton of them.

Regardless I plugged along, made a new friend Alisha as we ran together the last four miles pushing each other. Her first marathon. Good for her! Not much left for a huge sprint at the end but I did it. Marathon number 8 is in the record books as completed. 

We went back downtown after cleaning up to grab a bite to eat and went to a nice local hangout called 54. A few other racers, one who finished first in his age class were all hanging out. They were a bunch of great guys. Certainly much faster than Most people are! Regardless a fun time chatting.

On to the next one in two weeks as we recover from this race and set our mind for the higher altitude of Denver. It will be my fifth Rock N Roll sponsored run this year. I'm looking forward to an easier time of it......who am I kidding?

Have a fun run my friends! See you at the next finish line!

Eugene Thompson
ET This I Believe
Run Eugene Run

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sponsoring the Ordinary

Nike sponsoring the ordinary guy instead of always the super athletes. Wouldn't that be amazing! We see all these commercials with superstar athletes being paid multimillion dollars to promote various products. I understand the principle behind it, they are in the spotlight because of their profession and it makes good common sense.

However.....honestly I won't ever be able to play basketball like Michael Jordan even if I wear his shoes. I also won't sweat orange after drinking Gatorade (or at least I hope not) after completing a marathon like the various other athletes. I realize that. And, though impressive for there accomplishments, I'm not a kid anymore that falls for the sales gimmick. Reminds me of the Saturday morning television where they used to sell all the toys. Or the like Mikey! So what did Mikey ever do?

I would be encouraged to see the average everyday me.....I'm not Joe....I'm EUGENE....get a sponsorship to promote their products. To be able to share with the typical consumer how these products have helped me be better, be faster, be stronger, recover quicker.....whatever it is! I could get behind an advertising campaign like that. Because now I see a comparison.

Nike or Saucony wouldn't have to pay me a million dollars.....but a few pair of shoes a year would be cool. I could show how worn out mine are from all the running.

Or how about how tasty the yogurt is before a long run.....doesn't have to be a marathon. I eat yogurt every morning in my daily routine. Again not a huge payout.....maybe just a couple dozen cups every month to keep me stocked up.

You know those Powerbars they give after a race? Now that would be awesome. I eat one after every long run to help bring my blood sugar back in line and re-energize my worn out body.

Oh I about my favorite running shirts...Brooks? I only wear those for my long races and I need me some new ones.....ones with my name and mission printed on that would be extremely cool. Races shirts for the ordinary guy.....trying to be extra-ordinary!

Yeah, that would be great. For me it wouldn't be about the money. It would be truly because I use the product.....because it helps. If it works for me......the average EUGENE.....why wouldn't I want to share my results? Hey, a guy can dream can't he? Anything is possible!

Dream my friends.....and keep running.
See you out on the road.....Have a Fun Run!

Eugene Thompson
Run Eugene Run

Working on a new website....check back soon.....please share with others as I work at helping others fight diabetes.