The Battle: Diabetes

I have lived with this disease for most of my life in one way or another.  I remember going to my aunt's funeral (on my dad's side)...never met her, didn't know her...I was only 4 or 5.  She had died in the late 1960's of complications brought on by diabetes. Many years later, we discover my father had the same. Back in the 70's there wasn't much known about the disease, not many treatments, not many medicines nor were there knowledge on what all the effect diabetes has on the rest of the body.  Diabetes basically attacks everything else in your body.  So not only is it a blood sugar issue but it effects cholesterol, blood pressure, heart, circulatory, causes: depression, anxiety and a whole bunch of other things that I am sure we are finding out now, or will find out soon.

My father passed away before my second year of college in the summer 1985.  He had diabetes for about 12-15 years from what I can remember.  He did the insulin injections every morning and our family watched our diet.  There wasn't much more he did.  I think if he had been able to exercise he might have been able to live past the age of 52.  I never really remember him exercising.

So flash forward a few years.  Both my brothers have diabetes, my sister had gestational diabetes during a pregnancy...probably has it now, my mother has it as well.....and of course I have it too. I believe it is a hereditary disease but I also think it is brought on by the way we live our lives now. None of us eat or exercise enough these days.  Too much inactivity at work and not enough activity of moving the body around as we get older. Roughly five years ago I was diagnosed with high blood sugars and over the time, it has steadily gotten worse...even out of control at times.  This will be the chapters of my story that relate to the battle that I must face everyday.  Sometimes I have a victorious day...others I am defeated. I hope it will give some inspiration as well as I am determined to defeat this villain!

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