Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Achilles Chronicles - The First Steps

Week five since my accident, four weeks since surgery and two weeks since the cast was removed.....the first time I'm allowed to put some weight on my foot.......with doctor's permission.
I know, I know, I know.....I'm supposed to follow the rules.....and if you know me.....I never follow the rules. That being problem number one. Problem number two is I'm so impatient.

Today I went to UNIFY for the first time to do an upper body workout. It felt good but I certainly wish I could do more. Returning to a routine is rewarding. I've missed my workouts. With both my wife and I being out of commission these last months we have both found blessings and comfort in the support of our friends there. I posted a few videos of us working out that Michelle took of us on the YouTube page.

Today was also the last half-day Friday at the office that signals the end of summer. With Labor Day on Monday we all get the opportunity for a long weekend. With the hurricane/tropical storm approaching we will have a holiday in doors! That figures! I'll miss the Rock-N-Roll half marathon in Virginia Beach....but then again maybe everybody else will to unless the winds calm down. I couldn't do much this weekend anyway so I'll do some reading and resting......that'll work!

Today was also the second physical therapy appointment but more importantly I was given permission to apply some weight on it. 10% 19 pounds? Sure why not! That sounds about right. Toes tingling a bit. Incision doesn't really look so pretty. The healing process is going well but it less than desirable looking. I guess that might be normal. PT was a little too light for my preferences (of course) by picking up marbles with my toes.....really? Come on guys....PUSH ME! I know I know I know....patience. We already talked about this.....I don't have any.

All in all, things are going well and I should be careful not to create any setbacks. Ok.....I guess. 

Registration for The 50 Mile Challenge for RUN EUGENE RUN. If it wasn't for UNIFY we wouldn't have much. I'm thankful for all of those that contributed and are helping. Two weeks away from the run. Everyone jumping in to accumulate a total of 50 miles on 9.17.16 will be outstanding and humbling at the same time. I looking forward to being a spectator (not really but that's all I can do right now) and cheering everyone on!

Everyone can still sponsor and still run. I just won't be able to get you a shirt or medal until later. All those contributing will be our sponsors throughout 2017. We will have your link on our website and posts. We will add late sign ups to our official race shirts. I'll be preparing for a full recovery and begin running by (or before) the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach. I think that will be a rewarding and significant return for me. 

Look for updates and follow-ups as we continue......again I want to thank EVERYONE.

Eugene Thompson
Founder + Marathon Runner (soon once again)


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