Friday, August 5, 2016

Day Zero - Surgery for RUN EUGENE RUN

Today is a day of excitement.....nervous excitement. I've never really had any major surgery before so I'm not entirely comfortable with the thought of someone cutting on me. In the world of Internet and google it is best not to ever such for images of your upcoming surgery......too late.....I'm anticipating become a science experiment. Remember those labs in high school? Frogs, baby pigs......a worm? I didn't do well on my experiments. I'm glad my doctor is a pro at this!

Sure, it's easy to say you'll be brave. Sure I'll put up my facade. I'll joke about. I'll make others laugh. But honestly I'm scared. Scared I'll never be the same, to be able to recover. It's easy to say......but it's a long run. At the beginning of every marathon I've ran I've tried not to think have long the road will be. When it's at the's so much easier to look much easier.

Those of you who have had surgery before know the rules. No food or drink after coffee either! What?! Ok ok.....whatever you say. At least they moved my surgery time up to morning instead of afternoon. 

Out of all this I hope to encourage others in their own struggles. Their struggles with diabetes.....and now I can add recovery from a ruptured Achilles. God figured that he wanted to be a more powerful message.....that's the only thing I can understand. I imagined the story of Gideon and the 300 that lapped water like a dog. Just a few warriors to accomplish what an army would be needed for. Or how about Goliath vs a small young man? He didn't need a sword, spear or shield. Just his sling......and just one river stone. Unrealistic battles.....but not when the Lord is in control.

So that's my plan....a bit of arrogance and pride. I've been humbled. That might hurt more than my Achilles. I'm just a man. He is so much bigger. 

I had a great team with me today. A whole host of pre-op nurses prepping me for the surgery. I don't remember all your names but I appreciate you so much. I do apologize if my lovely green surgery garment happened to gap......honestly I don't remember a knocked me out before I left the room. That was some good stuff! The anesthesiologist told me to imagine the best cocktail.....Hendriks and Tonic? Less than 60 seconds later and I was out! Wow!

Then there was a whole team of surgeons and nurses inside the surgery room. They were great......they took this picture.....I don't remember it! Lol. But I was smiling. I wonder now what I might have said during that time.....hmmmm? You guys were awesome and took great care of me.

And probably the most important team members were the whole slew of prayer warriors from all over the country. You are the greatest. Thank you so much for lifting my name up. I can't thank you enough.

So now the journey begins. I was released pretty quick. The doctor said it was a strong repair. I gave him some strong muscles and tendons to work with. He said there was a gap about two inches apart so surgery was really the only way to properly repair it. My leg was numb from the knee down. It weighed a ton with all the wraps around it. Thankfully I had been practicing with the crutches before hand. I can't let it touch the ground. Balancing on one foot.....getting up....sitting down.....lying down.....everything.

No pain at all......until.....about 4AM the next morning. Wow.....just wow. Now this is tough. Really tough. Crazy pain.....but I'll get through. NO PAIN NO GAIN

So that brings you guys up to date. Today is DAY ONE of recovery. There will be rest but I'll put together my schedule. The doctor said I'll be in the wrap for two weeks, no weight bearing. After that they remove it and begin PT while I'm back in the boot for two-three more weeks. I'll begin using foot for balancing. Afterwards I'll be able to trying on shoes and work up to walking. In three to four months I'll begin running. He did say my full strength won't regain for a full year......but I did ask about being able to run the Shamrock Marathon in March.....he said YES!

Now it's up to me.....yes the road is long.....I doubt it'll be easy. Follow my journey. I hope to share each step (no pun intended.....ok......yes it was).  

RUN EUGENE RUN will continue. Others at UNIFY will pick up my goal and run on September 17th as a relay. Others can join in too. Wherever you live. The plan has changed a bit however the goal remains the inspire and encourage others about diabetes awareness. TEAM UNIFY, you guys are awesome.

My goal.......50 miles on September 16th, 2017!


Eugene Thompson


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