Sunday, February 19, 2012

Running away from Paris

Once we finally received our rental car we were VERY ready to leave Paris.  I think it was the transition to the new country ( And Europe in general) and the fact that we didn't have much money.....but without a doubt they were pretty rude to us.  I guess that is what they always say.....True! Gas was crazy high and sold by the metric liters. So, the road journey begins.

The beginning of our wine and beer list. We tried to fit in to the area with what they ate and drank.

Grocery shopping experience. This was way crazy.

Finally getting a chance to settle down and study some of all the architecture.  Yes, as simple as the shower stalls at our campgrounds.  There were some pretty neat details everywhere.  This is what I came for.....the study of architecture.  It is still taking me some time to get used to sketching.  I can tell I am way to slow and need to get more loose. I will get there.

I realized I am not going to be ale to sketch everything at this pace, so cut a paste is an option as well. I also decided to sketch most of the building and then go back in later at the campsite and finish each night.

More details just on the doors!


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