Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Running Progress

Well, not much progress to report here.  I haven't been able to run lately due to a cold.  It is kind of hard to breathe with a stuffed up nose and coughing all the time.  Hopefully I am over that and can get back to training.  This morning I started slow again.....I hate starting over! But movement is always a great idea...even if I have to keep beginning again and again. I short 1.2 miles at a pretty brisk pace so that was nice. 

I found out this last week while I was walking in Richmond from my hotel to the convention center that I was WAY out of shape.  Walking up hill (in dress shoes and sports jacket) was a major hurdle.  It didn't help that I kept walking the wrong direction.....plugged in the address to my iPhone and then took off.  When I looked at it again, I had gone 6 blocks in the wrong direction....walking in dress shoes is not comfortable....especially after walking all day throughout the convention center.

Anyway....we will see what the can do this week by staying committed to the running. Oh by the way, indoor treadmill running right now.

Stay in touch my friends.  Let me know your hurdles you are fighting with diabetes, running or just exercise in general......Take care.


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