Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Planning for the Trip

Wow, okay so this is a recreation of the journal adventure that can about at the conclusion of my schooling at Oklahoma State University.  I had received an award called the William Caudill Traveling Fellowship 1989 which allowed me to travel and study architecture.  Typically this is done aboard and of course that is where I wanted to go as well.....as scary as that seemed at the time. Most of these images posted in this portion of my blog are directly from my travel journal.  In the beginning, I put everything in here as to have a place incase I needed it during the trip.....FYI, most all the addresses, numbers etc are all incorrect now....so dont try and call them! lol.

Everything I needed to pack

Here is the list of all the potential places I wanted to go and visit organized by conuntry and city.

Friends addresses and numbers

Churches too, unfortunately most all of them were incorrect or no longer met there.

And the planned trip schedule


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