Sunday, January 29, 2012

UP UP AND AWAY! Heading to Paris

The first week in Paris we were without a car and really didn't have plans for accommodations.  The first night was way too expensive for our budget but we were so tired from the flight that we just needed to find somewhere to flop.  The next day we set out on foot with all our "stuff"....remember two kids with us as well and there stuff! Found a place but the transitions were tough. Paris was friendly to us. People a bit rude. We began setting up a plan and I started out walking and looking at architecture.....not really sure yet what to sketch.

Thankfully the metro wasn't too difficult to figure out and I was able to make my way around pretty well. I usually had to watch people to see how they got their tickets and entered the metro. Nothing better than getting lost and wandering around the city.....if I got off too soon or too late, I had a long walk to get to my destination. Oh well.
A few beginning sketches in pencil...way too long

Many times I would cut out the things I would find or get and if i could glue them in the journal I would.  Sometimes a bit of embellishment made them a more attractive design with the pages of my journal.

We really never got adjusted to Paris and were thankful when we were finally scheduled to leave.


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